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Alice's mascot, Alice Baskerville

Admin Alice is one of the eleven admins in the Tsundere Girls Rules fanpage. She is one of the most experienced admins in the page and has been serving for a long time. In fact, she might have been an admin in the page a little longer than Shana Strauss is. She is from Philippines

She is the only admin in the tsundere girls rules page to be an admin of all three sister dere pages. She is a manager in the Kuudere girls rules page and is a content creator for the tsundere and yandere page.

She helps Shana Strauss in the Tsundere Saimoe League like the rest of the admins.


Admin Alice is known in the page for her kindness and fairness towards all the tsunderes. Of all the experienced admins, she is the most caring and understanding towards others and would easily go to the aid of others if they need her help. She is also the most versatile admin of the eleven as she loves all the three kinds of 'dere's and has no favorite over the other.

On the main page, she is seen as a shy and mostly quiet admin with a gentle demeanor in the page but, actually in real life, Admin Alice is a very sporty girl who loves sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Table Tennis and going on adventures with her friends. She treats all tsunderes with respect and does not like to outwardly comment about anime characters she hate. Despite the gentle front she puts up, she is actually a friendly person whom you can talk to very easily. Because of her approachableness, many fans like her.

Not to be fooled by her soft side, though, she favors horror genres like Admin Enma Ai. She has once commented that she might be a bit yandere, being able to kill anyone who hurts the people she loves. Although many don't trust her to be called a "Yan.", she actually has gone to many trials in life, and has snapped a few times but, when she turns Yan she doesn't really try to hurt nor kill, she just snaps.

She, along with Lotte and Flame Haze Shana seem to share the same quiet and gentle characteristic but, she acts different in real life.

In all, she is not a very competitive person and gives way to others very easily. She confesses that she only becomes Yan at some times but, she never has the will to actually murder or kill someone.


Alice's favorite anime charactes are Alice Baskerville, Ryuugu Rena, Shion Sonozaki, Mashiro Shiina, Furude Rika, Hanyuu, Shana, Nagi Sanzenin, Natsume Rin, Kudvryaka Noumi, Kuroyukihime, Frederica Bernkastel, Asuna Yuuki, Kanade Tachibana, and lots more for the female (not in order) and for the male her favorites are the following Oz Vessalius, Kazuto Kirigaya, Kanda Sorata, Lelouch vi Britannia, Xerxes Break, Houtarou Oreki, Togashi Yuta, Kamijou Touma, Yashiro Isana, Riki Naoe, Ayumu Aikawa and lots more (not in order).

Her top 1 favorite anime is "Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni", she claims to love all the seasons, while her top 1 favorite manga is "Pandora Hearts". Well, of course, she loves un-related anime things such as sports like mentioned earlier, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball and Table Tennis. She loves going on adventures, and also loves singing and dancing. In fact she loves anime and also loves cartoons, and her favorite cartoons are the so-called "Adventure Time" and "Regular Show", she claims that she cannot choose between them though.


She dislikes the characters Takano Miyo, Aoyama Nanami, Kousaka Kirino, Sugou Nobuyuki, Noumi Seiji, Kallen Kozuki, and there are lots more.

She also hates the color pink and expresses hate towards liars, backstabbers and people who make her feel bad.


Shana Strauss

Admin Alice and Shana Strauss do not really talk to each other much before, but lately, they've been seen talking at some points. However, they do have mutual respect for one another. Since the both of them have been equally experienced in admining as the other, they tend to give way to the other and have a rather formal tone when talking to one another.

The fans of the page do not know much about their relationship, since they rarely talk to each other on the page but they do discuss certain issues regarding admin work with each other from time to time.

Alice was hired by Shana Strauss as a content creator in the Yandere and Yangire Girls Rules page and is a longtime content creator in the Tsundere Girls Rules page.