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Enma Ai's mascot, Enma Ai.

Admin Enma Ai is one of the eleven admins in the Tsundere Girls Rules fanpage. She is one of the most experienced admin in the page, having been one for as long as Shana Strauss, Alice, Yurippe-San, Fear and Amulu.chi. She is from Singapore.

She, along with Shana Strauss are the managers of the Tsundere page as well as the Yandere/Yangire page.

She is the helper of Shana Strauss in the Tsundere Saimoe League,along with the other admins of the page.


Admin Enma Ai is not as active as the other admins due to restrictions and personal problems with her phone. She usually asks the other admins to help her relay messages to the main page, most commonly Shana Strauss, Miyako-chan, Yurippe and Alice.

Overall, Enma Ai is not as understanding and sociable as the others as she is easily angered and will confront anyone she thinks is making a nuisance in the page. She is also one of the most hated, overlooking she is one of the most loved admin on the page. Due to her honesty towards how she dislikes certain animes and tsunderes, the fans either hate her or adore her.

She roleplays very often and has a certain talent for it. She is able to alternate between being a Tsundere, a Kuudere and in less common cases, a Yangire. Many fans have commented that she is a new 'species' of dere because of her violent, scary yet cute nature. However, she is more of a Tsundere as she would get annoyed by fans who do not listen to the admins' instructions in descriptions and would either call them stupid or make a post to humiliate them. However, she does keep a certain amount of kindness in her heart, not mentioning any names or pointing fingers at anyone.

Despite her uncaring, angry and even cold attitude, she does care about others and would ask any fan on the page if they mentioned having a bad day about what happened and wishes that they feel better. She also does care for the other admins, mostly Shana Strauss but of course, refuses to admit that she does worry about them, dimissing her kindness for sympathy or something else. She would also get hurt if anyone were to say insulting words to her, but act violent and angry to cover up her real sadness. It is only after a fellow admin has said or done something that made her crack and start to reveal her true feelings. She is very protective of her admin friends, but as said earlier, she never admits it.


Enma Ai's top anime characters are Shana, Enma Ai, Yuri Nakamura, Nate River, Louise Valliere and Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

She is an obsessed video gamer and often watches the youtuber Pewdiepie. She also likes horror and mystery genre animes.


She holds a deep grudge towards Kanade Tachibana, Asuna Yuuki, Misaka Mikoto and C.C. She has mentioned on one occasion Enma Ai, Nagato Yuki and Kuroi Mato are the only Kuuderes that do not annoy her.

She is very frank and candid towards the characters she hate, causing many fans to have a seething dislike for Enma Ai despite Ai's attempts to actually be more fair towards them.


Shana Strauss

A comic strip made by Shana Strauss about her and Enma Ai's love for Shana.

Admin Shana Strauss and admin Enma Ai are very close friends. On the outside, when they are together in the fanpage, they often teased each other and made fun of the other person in anyway they can. The fans know them as friendly rivals who compete mostly to see who can embarass the other more.

Behind all the squabbling, they actually have a deep mutual understanding of each other, mostly because they both share the deep love for Shana, the queen of Tsundere.

Of all the admins Enma Ai feels comfortable talking with, it is admin Shana Strauss and she

geniunely wishes to make admin Shana strauss happy.

They are both managers of the Tsundere Girls rules page and the Yandere and Yangire girls rules page. However, both of them are not involved with the Kuudere and Dandere Girls rules page.

Flame Haze Shana

Initially Enma Ai was skeptical about hiring her as an admin and wanted to hire another two of the admins. However, she changes her opinion after admin flame haze shana formally joined the original group of seven admins. Of the four new admins to join, Flame Haze Shana was somewhat the closest to Enma Ai.

Enma Ai feels that Flame Haze Shana is a very friendly person and despite her coldness, Flame Haze Shana was willing to learn from Enma Ai when she gave her advice on admining.

In overall, Enma Ai feels that Flame Haze Shana was the most willing to learn and the easiest to correct, with the exception of Miyako-chan of the four new admins. Flame Haze Shana is also the most active in the admin group and makes it an effort to respond to the other admin's posts, something Enma Ai was very greatful for.

Admin Flame Haze Shana is one of the few people Enma Ai has formally opened up to and can also be considered one of the fastest people Enma Ai has went to to vent her frustrations on. When Enma Ai corrected her for having posted a kuudere on the main page, the understanding attitude of Flame Haze Shana turned the conversation to Enma Ai ranting about her anger towards one of the fans, which is something she rarely did to others so quickly.

Even though they do have a mutual respect for one another, they are not close friends and their relationship is only of a senior mentoring her junior.


"Are you an idiot?"

"HAH! Take that, Strauss!"

"W-w-w-well....i hope you feel better. Not that i care or anything!"

"You are just an immature child, a disaster waiting to happen here. Get off the internet."

"W-why?! Why are you doing this?! Are you so stupid that you have to hurt us like this?!"

"*blush* i-i-i don't care about you!! Stop saying i do!"