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Shana Strauss's mascot, Lisanna Strauss

Admin Shana Strauss is one of the eleven admins in the Tsundere Girls Rules fanpage. She is the most active one of all the admins and is also one of the most experienced admin in the page, serving the page for one of the longest times. She is from India.

She, along with admin Admin Enma Ai are the current managers of the tsundere page as well as a Yandere and Yangire page.

She is also the creator of the Tsundere Saimoe League which is on going and is the manager behind the newfound contest, along with a little help from the other admins.


Admin Shana Strauss is in all a very active and dedicated admin. She makes it a point to post several pictures of different girls everyday to keep the fans entertained as long as she is around. She also interacts with her fans in a way that she teases them about their anime crushes. She is no doubt the most valuable admin in the page.

Despite her outward friendliness towards the fans and her outgoing personality, she herself is a tsundere and will react like so if anyone were to tease her back or embarrass her. One such example was when admin Enma Ai teased Shana strauss by posting ecchi pictures of shana on the page for everyone to see and admin Shana strauss got so embarrassed she chased her with a chainsaw. Of course, overlooking her tsundere side, she is a very nice person to get along with , provided you have the same interests as her.

Her favorite tsundere of the page is Shana and will get offended if anyone criticizes or says anything bad about Shana. However, even if she is very angry with a particular person, she will not confront him/her directly and will simply vent her anger by sharing it with the other admins, complaining about their attitude.

Although deep inside, she does have he soft and caring side, she rarely sympathizes with others and act as a listening ear to the others in times of trouble. She acts more of a person to vent your frustrations and anger on rather than someone to lend a shoulder to cry on.

Nonetheless, admin Shana strauss is a friendly and outgoing person.


Shana Strauss's top anime characters are Shana and Lisanna Strauss

Hitsugaya Toshiro, Bankotsu, Killua Zoldyck, Ichigo Kurosaki, Aisaka Taiga, Kirishima Shouko, Hayate Ayasaki and Enma Ai etc are other of her favourites.

She is an avid fairytail and bleach fan. She ships pairings such as LisannaXNatsu, MariaXHayate and HaruhiXKyon. She used to ship a crossover pairing ShanaXHitsugaya.


She has a strong hate towards Lucy Heartfilia and thinks that she is very attention seeking. She also hates Hinamori Momo and Misaka Mikoto.

Despite her hate towards Mikoto, she does post pictures of her on the page out of sheer dedication towards the page.


Enma Ai
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A comic strip made by Shana Strauss about her and Enma Ai's love for Shana.

Admin Shana Strauss and Admin Enma Ai are very close friends. On the outside, when they are together in the fanpage, they often teased each other and made fun of the other person in anyway they can. The fans know them as friendly rivals who compete mostly to see who can embarass the other more.

Behind all the squabbling, they actually have a deep mutual understanding of each other, mostly because they both share the deep love for Shana, the queen of Tsundere.

Of all the admins Enma Ai feels comfortable talking with, it is admin Shana Strauss and she geniunely wishes to make admin Shana strauss happy.

They are both managers of the Tsundere Girls rules page and the Yandere and Yangire girls rules page. However, both of them are not involved with the Kuudere and Dandere Girls rules page.


Admin Alice and Shana Strauss do not really talk to each other much since they have little interests in common. However, they do have mutual respect for one another. Since the both of them have been equally experienced in admining as the other, they tend to give way to the other and have a rather formal tone when talking to one another.

The fans of the page do not know much about their relationship, since they rarely talk to each other on the page but they do discuss certain issues regarding admin work with each other from time to time.

Both of them do have their differences which seperate them. Alice is more gentle and understanding while Shana Strauss is more outgoing and fun.

Alice was hired by Shana Strauss as a content creator in the Yandere and Yangire Girls Rules page and is a longtime content creator in the Tsundere Girls Rules page.


Oh Admin Ai enma,you're such a tsundere >:P

I-It's not like I did it for you or anything! B-Baka!

I-I'm sorry! Admin Ai enma is a little bit of a tsundere..please be understanding!

B-but i'm not thanking you because i appreciate it or anything! i'm just being polite!

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