Angelbeats student Yurippe

Admin Yurippe-san's mascot, Yuri Nakamura.

Admin Yurippe is one of the eleven admins in the Tsundere Girls Rules fanpage.She is one of the most experienced admins,having served for a long as Shana Strauss and Alice. She is from the Philippines.

She is the main editor of the page as she designs and edits the pictures for the monthly tsundere theme accordingly.

Admin Yurippe used to be known as Baka Ciel, than Ririchiyo-sama before finally changing it to Yurippe-san.

She also helps Shana Strauss in the Tsundere Saimoe League along with the other admins.


On average, Yurippe was a normal admin with no extreme or special personality. She worked normally in the team of eleven admins and can be said to be the one with the most normal personality of all. She seems to keep a calm approach to dire situations, but does not let go of it without letting a little of her emotions show. She shows annoyance and anger towards unreasonable fans, but does not explode in a frenzy or angry words or shouts. Mostly, she is just an average working admin who helps her fellow admins from time to time.

However, she is inclined to being more outspoken than Admin Alice, and is closer towards Enma Ai and the newer admins. She puts her points in a justified manner which is fair and objective. However, she struggles to put her words into a more effective message, which is a direct contrast from Enma Ai, who has strong and powerful impact words but were words that could easily hurt others.

Despite the seeming dullness in her personality, she is a person of a strong sense of justice. She is unafraid to make and state the evidence and facts before putting it plainly whether someone is right or wrong. So far, she has never had a neutral stand. She either thinks something is right or wrong, black or white and no in betweens.





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