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Aria Holmes Kanzaki

Aria Holmes Kanzaki a.k.a. Sherlock Holmes the 4th, is a demon, female transfer student of Butei High school. An "Assault" department elite rank S (The highest rank) Butei, she wishes to recruit Kinji as a partner after their encounter. She can wield two guns or two swords at the same time, earning the title of a "Quadra". Her weapons of choice are M1911 pistol for guns, and two undersized Japanese swords known as "Kodachi". her main goal is to defeat the IU and exonerate her mother . She also starts to have feelings for Kinji but shows it in a different way than other people.

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Aria is considered to be a tsundere , who prioritizes her own pride most of the time. She is self-centered, belligerent, has an immature attitude, and blushes quickly.

Role in fanpageEdit

She is considered to be a rather popular character, even more popular than girls like Hinagiku Katsura or girls whose animes are more well known. She was in the running for the title of the queen of tsunderes against Shana, after defeating her opponents and going to the finals. However, she fell victim to Shana an eventually lost her chance at the throne. Nonetheless, she is still a very well known girl in the page, surprisinsly sicne her anime, Hidan No Aria is not as well known as the classics like Ore No Imouto, To Aru Majutsu No Index and Clannad.

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