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Louise De La Valliere

She the main female character of the story,Zero No Tsukaima. She is the third daughter of an aristocratic family, well known in Tristain, her kingdom. She is attending classes in the

Tristain Academy of Magic, where she is known as "Zero Louise" due to her zero success rate at spell casting and lack of any elemental affinities, a nickname acquired even before the first episode. Louise is lonely at school, as her family rival for centuries, Kirche Zerbst, bullies her every opportunity she finds as well as many of the other students tormenting her, but despite that fact, she endures strongly and pursues her improvement constantly to prove that she is not a Zero Louise.

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With her relationship with her familiar, Saito, she literally treats him like a dog, as she hates him and is ashamed of him at first. She thinks of him as a failure of her magical aptitude.

Every chance she gets, she punishes him when he disobeys, but as the story develops, she starts realizing that she cares about him not only as a familiar bounded to protect and be protected, but she starts to develop feelings for him. The more her feelings develop, the more she gets jealous of other girls and want to spend more time with him, she can also get jealous when faced with girl's more developed then her, which includes almost every girl she meets. At certain points, she has been known to worry about going too far and driving Saito away with her temper.

As a Noble, Louise defends her honor as a benevolent and "superior" person, like other Nobles. Louise is a very stubborn girl. But, as Henrietta mentions, her heart is pure. Louise is also very persistent.

Role in fanpageEdit

Despite being known as the true queen of the tsunderes outside of the page, many fans regard her as less great or popular than her friends, Shana and Taiga Aisaka. She is relatively a normal character in terms of popularity, being on par with Mikoto Misaka and Aria Holmes Kanzaki.

She is said to have been extremely disappointed when she realized Taiga was picked as the right hand tsundere for the queen, Shana, instead of her. Since she had a close relationship with Shana and Taiga, though. She remains open-minded about it and continues residing as a tsundere girl in the fanpage.

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