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Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa is the heroine of the series,Kaicho wa maid-sama. She lives together with her mother and her younger sister, Suzuna. Her father abandoned them, leaving them with a huge debt, which causes Misaki to have a deep hatred for most boys except the gentlemanly type but later she falls in love with Usui Takumi and becomes his girlfriend.


Misaki is always driven to do her best regardless of the endeavor and has a strong sense of justice, though she also has a tendency to forget her own well being in the process of helping others. Misaki harbours feelings towards Usui and often blushes when he's around her. She always says that she hates Usui, but it usually means she loves him. She can never seem to talk properly or normally whenever Usui is around. Eventually, she realises her feelings for Usui, who in fact knows. She is never honest about her feelings towards Usui, instead lying and acting violently whenever awkward moments are brought up. In Chapter 51, she attempts to confess her feelings to Usui, but gets interrupted thanks to a kiss from Usui. In Chapter 57, she finally confesses her feelings for Usui and they officially become a couple.

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