An example of a Tsundere, Tohsaka Rin.

A Tsundere is a character development process which decribes a japanese character being cold and hostile towards another person or love interest, but gradually showing their softer and warmer side over time. The word is derived from tsuntsun which means to turn away in digust and deredere which means to be loveydovey

TsundereGirlsRules PageEdit

The facebook page is dedicated to anime tsunderes, especially females. Admins working in the page actively post anime and tsundere related pictures and posts to entertain the fans and would often play short mini games such as 'the elimination game' and 'roleplay game'.

The original creator of the page had created the page years before in celebration for what used to be her favorite anime character, Shana, the queen of Tsunderes. However, she has recently left the page and left admins Shana Strauss and Enma Ai to be the current manager of the page,along with nine other content creators. She is still currently working in the Kuudere and Danderes page. The reason for her leave is unknown.

Due to previous incidents and complaints by fans, the Tsundere girls admins have restricted themselves from posting subjects outside of Tsundere girls. Though they do post kuudere and yandere girls from time to time, they seldom do so unless they see a need to.

Declining popularityEdit

Due to the new animes that have been released, the popularity of tsunderes has been decreasing. There is now a much greator popularity for Kuuderes and Danderes than the Tsunderes. In the anime voting contest, International Saimoe League, many fans claim that the reign of the tsunderes is over as the famous kuudere Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats wins the championship tiara this year, 2012. This led to tension between tsundere fans and kuudere fans as many debate on which 'dere' type would clinch the tiara next year.

Tsundere QueenEdit

Shana of Shakugan No Shana

Shana, the queen of Tsunderes.

has been given the title of the queen of tsunderes since early 2012. Through a mini popularity competition, Shana breezed through and defeated all her opponents and finally faced off with Aria Kanzaki from Hidan No Aria in the finals. Shana won easily and was since crowned as the ultimate tsundere queen. Shana has never been defeated in any popularity voting conest in the facebook page, with the exception of the first match in the Tsundere Saimoe League, where she was tied with her right hand Tsundere, Taiga Aisaka from Toradora.

Shana is a flame haze who has the ability to create and fight with fire. Despite her small and young appearance she is said to actually be very old. The effects of becoming a flame haze and being contracted to the Guze Lord, Alastor stopped the aging process when she was 11 or 12 years old. She is an extremely powerful force to be recognized and shares the most powerful unrestricted spell in the world, love, with her love interest, Sakai Yuji.

She has a habit of saying 'Shut up' three times in a row when she is embarrased or angry and has a love for sweets and desserts, putting Melon Bread as her favorite.

However, many fans of the page have been unhappy about Shana having the title and refuses to acknowledge her as a queen. This anger towards Shana has spread and a group of 'haters' now persue to use whatever means possible to defeat and humiliate Shana. Whether is it to vote for Shana's opponent regardless of who is against her or immediately voting Shana out in the 'elimination game'.

Shana is the character mascot of admin flame haze shana in the page.

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