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A poster of the saimoe league

The tsundere saimoe is a voting popularity contest based on the International Saimoe League. This idea came from Admin Shana Strauss, making her the overall in charge of the whole operation. Admin Enma Ai is second in command and helps Shana Strauss by setting up rules and structures for the competition. With the help of the other admins and support of the fans, the Tsundere saimoe has been running smoothly.


Every year, there would be three major periods. The nomination period, elemental gem periods (which lasts the longest for the whole year) and heavenly throne (championship) period.

During the nomination period, fans vote for and nominate five tsundere girls of their choice to be in the competition. In this way,the top 36 girls with the most votes would be accepted into the league. If there is a competition and overwhelming number of girls with the same votes and only a limited number of them can be admitted, they will be placed in based of how tsundere they are. The least tsundere girls would thus have a harder chance of getting in,provided they gain many votes. The number of votes a girl receives also determines which division the girls is in, Beteran (Veterans, who are more popular) or Shinjin (Newcomers, who are less popular).

In the elemental gem periods, girls stand a chance to win two out of the seven element gems every year. The seven gems are Taiyo (sun) , Mizu (Water), Shizen (nature), Tsuki (moon), Kasai (fire), yami (darkness) and kaze (wind). Each elemental period will have 5 regular matches where the girls battle random opponents in a bid to gain the most wins and stand a chance to grab the necklace in the necklace match. Girls who obtain the necklace of the specific element is said to be the empress of that element for the year and holds the power of the element until the next year when either they can defend their title or another girl will take over the position as empress for that element.

In the heavenly throne period, a matchup is drawn and the girls will fight fixed and planned opponents. This period is the most crucial yet tense period of the year as the matches are of a "sudden death" style. Once a girl gets defeated by an opponent in this period, they will not get a second chance and will be immediately thrown out of the running for the heavenly throne. The top two girls who have survived until the end will fight in the finals and the girl with the most votes will win the elusive heavenly throne, and is said to be the most powerful tsundere,until the next girl comes along and stands a chance to win the power from her, or she will defend the throne.

Taiyo winnersEdit

The taiyo necklace contains the power of the sun. The sun gem is one of the strongest elements of the seven as it is the source of light and heat. Girls who obtain the taiyo necklace will be the taiyo empress and have the power of bright, shining light and warmth of the heart.

Mizu winnersEdit

The Mizu necklace contains the power of water. The water gem is the most gentle, however, weakest element for the seven. Girls who obtain the mizu necklace will be the mizu empress and have the power of calmness, peace and will never thirst.

Shizen winnersEdit

The Shizen necklace contains the power of nature. The earth gem is also peaceful like the mizu gem, but within the calming leaves lies mother nature who can be just as distructive as fire. Girls who obtain the shizen necklace will be the shizen empress and have the power to be one with her instincts, being able to bond with the natural side of the world.

Tsuki winnersEdit

The Tsuki necklace contains the power of the moon. The moon gem may not provide as bright of a light as the sun, but it's rays of light have a calming effect on others, yet radiating a fair amount of mystery in itself. Girls who obtain the tsuki necklace will have the power to see beyond what others can only imagine, and be one with herself in the moonlight.

Kasai winnersEdit

The Kasai necklace contains the power of fire. The fire gem is the most powerful out of the seven elements, being able to cause massive amount of destruction in it's path. Despite being the most ruthless, it is also one of the more significant and important elements of life and can be said to be as gentle as water when given to the right person. Girls who obtain the kasai necklace will have the power of great strength and importance, but will also be assured her power is not for causing disaster but for the better good.

Yami winnersEdit

The Yami necklace contains the power of darkness. The darkness gam is mysterious, and holds a large amount of mystery and sadness in it. But behind the sadness and first glance of evil, the darkness will bring the truth to all mankind and can be said to be the most responsible for teaching humans life long lessons in the harsh way. Girls who obtain the yami necklace will see the world in a sorrowful light, but will be able to sympathize others and shroud herself in pain to be with those people she cares about.

Kaze winnersEdit

The Kaze necklace contains the power of the wind. The wind gem is the most versatile. It can be gentle and calming as water, but if opposed by any opponent, it can crush and blow off anything that stood in it's way. Girls who obtain the kaze necklace will gave the power to seize their most valuable dreams and float in the air amongst their hopes.

Heavenly throne winnersEdit

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